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Sponsor: ViRE

Published on 05 Jul 2021

Thanks a lot to the team behind the visual regular expressions editor ViRE for sponsoring Swift by Sundell over the past two weeks, enabling me to keep delivering a continuous stream of Swift articles completely for free.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of working with regular expressions as raw strings. I find them hard to read, hard to debug, and the syntax to be quite cryptic. That being said, there are still situations in which using regular expressions is a great choice, especially if you want to parse or validate strings that conform to a, well, regular format.

That’s why ViRE is such a fantastic app. Not only does it give you a visual editor that makes it so much easier to work with all sorts of regular expressions, it also includes a ton of really useful features — such as a unit testing tool (yes, you can now unit test your regular expressions, how cool isn’t that?), great documentation, and much more. Plus, the app is fast, well-designed, and is available on both the Mac and the iPad.

Try it for free today, and support Swift by Sundell in the process